November 10

20:00 GMT // Pilgrimage, Movement, and Sensory Experiences on the Chacoan Landscape of the North American Southwest Ruth M. Van Dyke The Indigenous inhabitants of… Read More »November 10

November 9

Walking Between Walls: Movement and the Grand Forks, ND (USA) Greenway William Caraher A Brief Archaeological Meditation on Local Pilgrimage Almost every day for the… Read More »November 9

November 8

9:15 GMT //Moving Sant Iago Tracy Breathnach Every Monday, 9:15 GMT, follow Tracy’s live performance on her YouTube channel. We will have the chance to… Read More »November 8

November 7

≈10:30 GMT // Cat-Walk Angela Piccini, Sefryn Penrose & Carlo Philosopher John Grey claims that cats are happy because they do not narrativize their lives:… Read More »November 7

November 6

Eat, sleep, walk, graffeet: tangible evidence of the modern pilgrims’ mindset Sophie Martin Introduction Whilst on pilgrimage, it might be expected to experience heirophany (Skousen… Read More »November 6

November 5

20:00 GMT // Graffiti Tourism: from Mark Makers to Mark Seekers Emma Bryning You can follow Mark Makers and Mark Seekers account in Instagram, or… Read More »November 5

November 4

12:30 GMT // Into the Heart of the Mound Sarah May Join the conversation with Sarah at 12:30 GMT ZOOM access:ID: 825 8888 9996Passcode: subscribe!… Read More »November 4

November 3

18:00 GMT // An archive of suburban Minnesota pilgrimage Sophie Durbin Artwork Information Title: IKEA Pilgrimage Statement: With close to 1 billion annual visits worldwide,… Read More »November 3

November 2

13:00 GMT // Archiving heritage on the move Emily C. Arauz Recognizing that we all have stories—including pasts, presents, and futures—this research endeavors to capture… Read More »November 2

November 1

Here but not here II: a travel guide for a destinationless journey (a PilgrimCHAT action) Lara Band & Aileen Ogilvie Here but not Here: Fragments… Read More »November 1