Welcome to #pilgrimCHAT

Dear CHATters,

It has been a long way to Pilgrim CHAT, almost as long as the Camino… But we’re finally here.

Over the next few weeks (all of November) we’ll share 36 events while following the French Way of St. James in a methaporical and virtual pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela in Spain. You can have a look at the program to get a glimpse of what is coming and subscribe to our Mailchimp to get access to the live events. Everything is free to attend. The subscription will help us keep the event spaces safe, so we don’t have to share links online.

1. Subscribe to Pilgrim CHAT

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2. You’ll receive weekly updates from us with information and the links to the live events. If you don’t receive the information to join a specific event you’d like to attend (and it’s within 48 hours of the event taking place) email us at: pilgrimchat.2021@gmail.com

3. Each event will be activated in the blog with further details. As you’ll see, each day we’ll stop at one of the stages of the Camino and we’ll give you information about each stop too… Don’t miss out on the chance to explore them all.

4. We want you to get moving… so join the #walk4CHAT challenge… there will be prizes at the end of the challenge.

5. And we want you to enjoy Pilgrim CHAT… so please follow the Code of Conduct to help us create a safe environment for all.

So, welcome to #pilgrimCHAT! Let’s walk together in this virtual pilgrimage to the holy grounds of contemporary and historical archaeology.


The Pilgrim CHAT Team