November 30

Stage 30 // Arzúa – Santiago de Compostela [38,7km]

Get up early, grab your stuff and start walking… today is the day! Today we arrive to our destination after a long walk that represents the long day we have ahead in the conference… but the reward deserves it!

There is not much we can say about Santiago that we have not said already. You will arrive to the cathedral from the North (azabachería), enter, be purified with the incense of the ‘botafumeiro’ (image), be blessed too and exit to the South (platería). Jet is darkness and silver is bright. The perfect metaphore.

If you still have strenght, remember the end of the Camino is actually in Finisterra (the end of the World…).

It has been a long way, the Camino and our month full of events. Today, after 30 days, Pilgrim CHAT comes to an end and we want to celebrate with you live from the streets of Santiago.

There will be one session open non-stop from the first event in the morning (at 10:00GMT) until later in the day… Just drop in for one of the events or for a chat.

ZOOM access:
ID: 875 9486 2414
Passcode: 023357

What’s on?

10:00 GMT // Tracy Breathnach – Moving Sant Iago

A final conversation with Tracy, discussing her performances this month. Do not forget to watch the videos in her YouTube channel (St Iago reproduction list here).

11:00 GMT // Iñigo Sánchez-Fuarros, David Barreiro & Jaime Almansa-Sánchez – Walking Vite, the English Way and contemporary heritage.

Vite is a neighborhood in the North of Santiago de Compostela. Built mainly in the 70s, it was a marginal area of the city until its recent restoration, making it a nicer residential area, very close to some axial points of the city (university and administration). It is in the entrance of the English Way of the Camino and built over an old tannery and an experimental asylum, both of which are only suspected in some remains on the way.

The project, along other services built from the 60s in relation with the Camino, was a very interesting Francoist venture and during this live walk we will try to show you many details and interesting stories around the area, the Camino and its relation to contemporary archaeology/heritage.

≈12:30 GMT // lunCHAT

As the session will remain open, we can have something for lunch together, or just keep chatting.

You can try to make some Galician recipes.

15:00 GMT // Cristina Sánchez-Carretero – An anthropological view of the Camino

We will join Cristina on a different sort of guided visit to an apocryphal continuation of the Camino… the one to Finisterra, the only one that starts in Santiago de Compostela and leads to the end of the World, the real end of the Camino and our journey.

≈17:00 GMT // the begining of the end… a pubCHAT to say good bye

From here on, it is on you… 🙂

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