November 26

Stage 26 // Triacastela – Sarriá [17,8km]

Another easy day, getting down to Sarriá, where the French Way converges with the Primitive Way. The first bigger town we encounter since we left Ponferrada and deserving some attention. Lively place with some details to offer but mostly new… fancy a theatre play? Maybe there is something going on today… (image).

INCAScot – Alex Hale, Antonia Thomas, Kenny Brophy, Gavin MacGregor, Rachael Kiddey

Beyond its immediate concerns, the global pandemic has raised questions concerning the contemporary and future relationship between humans and material culture, environmental sustainability, travel, and wellbeing. Ongoing global disruptions include the climate emergency, the manipulation of elections through social media campaigns, ‘fake news’, the decolonisation of the academic curriculum and the expansion of our awareness of bias, racism, landscape injustice and Brexit. These are archaeological issues. They have origins in the past, are being played out in the present and will have significant ramifications for the future. The International Network for Contemporary Archaeology in Scotland (INCAScot) has formed to bring together researchers, activists, and artists to develop new, dynamic approaches to archaeology and heritage research in and on Scotland, to help build resilience and capacity to address these current issues.

So please join INCAScot and your fellow pilgrimCHAT pilgrims for a fun-packed contemporary archaeology (Scotland) quiz! INCAScot is the International Network of Contemporary Archaeology Scotland, an international network of archaeologists, heritage practitioners, academics, and activists who have come together to discuss relationships between the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and important social movements such as Black Lives Matter and environmental concerns – and to think about how, together, we might address such issues. The quiz, specially designed for pilgrimCHAT, will provide a fun introduction to the Network and open up discussion of the issues to a wider audience. For more details about INCAScot, please see this recent article (pages 10-13) and follow us on Twitter @IncaScot #INCAScot

Here’s how the quiz will work: through the magic of Zoom, pilgrims can join INCAScot for a quiz composed of 25 questions about contemporary archaeology in (or related to) Scotland.  Feel free to team up or take part as an individual. The winner of the quiz will receive a huge amount of Tunnocks teacakes in the post! Following the quiz there will be time for discussion and questions about the issues and how to get involved in INCAScot.

So… join the quiz and discussion live at 17:00 GMT!

ZOOM access:
ID: 883 6245 1340
Passcode: 537697

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