November 24

Stage 24 // Villafranca – O Cebreiro [27,8km]

And today we arrive to Galicia! We still have many kilometers to go, but seems like a landmark. After ‘climbing’ up for over 27 km, we will cross the border between the two regions and arrive to a tiny village (image) with amazing views and quite. It is going to be a hard day, but the next couple of days will be better and there will be some time to rest and enjoy not walking…

Anyway, let’s be happy! Today is Jaime’s birthday 😉

Oscar Aldred

Imagine 200 years into the future: combustion engine vehicles are a relic of the past, and other transportation with a new infra-structure is being used. How will archaeologists in 200 years understand our contemporary mobility systems? In this paper I want to discuss the potential opportunities of looking at past and future mobilities in order to understand the present; what can we learn about our contemporary (walking and vehicle) movement patterns from studying the material traces of past mobility systems? And how well do we think these will translate into the future? What scope is there to think and to practice differently? And what more can we gain from reflecting on mobility from studying the material trace of past, present and (potential) future movements?

What routine journeys do you take? Whether on the road or not, tweet them #CHATontheroad before and during @figgering [Oscar Aldred’s] video and talk ‘Will the road go on?’ And watch @figgering own ‘#CHATontheroad’ pre-recorded

Join Oscar at 12:00 GMT for the live discussion:

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