November 21

Stage 21 // Astorga – Foncebadón [25,8km]

From Astorga, we finish the week with another 25km that will bring us to the region of El Bierzo. A mining region where more serious mountains start to emerge. The landscape now changes completely and we will stat to feel tireness more often. By now, we should be used to walk, our boots ready for everything and our mind full of will… Our destination today is another tiny and cold village (see the image with snow). Luckily people is warm in the Camino…

Sonia Overall

Distance Drifts are remote, synchronised walks hosted weekly by Sonia since the start of UK lockdowns and pandemic restrictions. Held on Sunday mornings, they are designed to get us walking alone together in creative and curious ways.

For Pilgrim CHAT, Sonia will host #PilgrimDrift, sharing a walking score designed to ritually reenchant our everyday surroundings. To join in, you will need a mobile device and a Twitter account.

Walks can be followed in any space, indoors or out. Walk alone or with a companion and connect with other walkers, sharing your finds and responses in an online conversation.

Follow #PilgrimDrift and/or #DistanceDrift to receive live walking prompts from 10am on the day. If you are unable to join in live, you can follow the thread in your own time.


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