November 20

Stage 20 // San Martín del Camino – Astorga [23,7km]

Another long run today crossing the Orbigo region (a rural area that our ethnology professor studied and we got to read a lot about in college) to arrive to one of the jewels in the Camino: Astorga. This episcopal center is quite interesting. Not that a big town, but with impressive viewes and architecture, that the episcopal palace by Gaudí (image). It really deservs some extra walk around.

Hilary Orange

Join Hilary Orange for a virtual tour around some of the official and unofficial memorials and tributes that have been created by music fans in London. These sites of music pilgrimage are focal points for ongoing remembrance of artists’ lives and work. The tour draws on a longitudinal survey of music sites in London carried out by Hilary Orange and Paul Graves-Brown between 2016 and 2019.

Gary Vikan has said that ‘Unlike the tourist, who goes to places mostly to see, the pilgrim has a distinctly tactile notion of travel.’ Music pilgrimage is tactile and is a form of self-expression that says as much about the pilgrim as the musician. The ongoing creation and recreation of tribute sites, through the selection and transport of objects or the making of art and graffiti, is part of the performance that surrounds music memorials, including the touching, moving and removal of objects from the sites. Pilgrims, fans, and casual visitors also interact with each other of course.  

On this tour of London you’ll have the opportunity to virtually visit and hear about the sites associated with David Bowie, Marc Bolan, and Amy Winehouse. The tour will take around 1.5 hours starting at 6pm GMT. The format will be a reading, a 4 minute film and discussion. 

Join in by adding music pilgrimage locations around the world to this Padlet!!

Join the live session with Hilary at 18:00 GMT!

ZOOM access:
ID: 852 3623 2714
Passcode: 348072

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