November 11

Stage 11 // Burgos – Hornillos del Camino [21 km]

Right while leaving Burgos, Las Huelgas Monastery (image) is a very nice place to stop (or at least to pass by). Indeed, for these days crossing bigger cities, the experience is much better than crossing an industrial area.

The landscape on the way starts to be much flatter, but the light at dawn and dusk is going to be amazing in the following days. We are in the middle of the second week, and this is probably one of the most difficult parts of the Camino. Too early too feel tired, long enough.

So, it is time to start working on the mental side of the trip. If it does not work, in a couple of days there will be a nice area to stop a little bit, rest and enjoy.

Afonso Leão, Daniel Carvalho, Inês Castro, João Figueiredo, João Sequeira, Joel Santos, Mariana Nunes, Susana Pacheco, Tiago Silva &Tânia Casimiro

Summer of 2021. One of us is driving a van across a dirt road in direction to a beach in the mouth of the Tagus River. On the left side of the road a long wall enclosures a military compound. Thousands of people pass through this road every year, a few hundred of them stopping there, and using any sharp tool to carve their names, relations, date, or any other messages in this wall, resulting in a testimony of at least four decades of communications of people moving and passing by, writing personal messages.

This presentation has many objectives. First it tries to be a join discussion promoting debates made by ten people from various backgrounds, ages, and different academic experiences, about the impact of this wall in the landscape and trying to understand why people stopped there to leave their marks. Secondly it debates different forms to look at contemporary archaeology and heritage with special interest in social interactions. Third it also discusses several methods used to record and analyse such evidence from videos, photographs, drawings, confronting them with the ability to check this site using online tools such as Google Street View.

Join them at 18:00 GMT for the live presentation:

ZOOM access:
ID: 885 1117 0959
Passcode: 494391

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