November 7

Stage 7 // Nájera – Santo Domingo de la Calzada [20,7 Km]

We leave Nájera, direction West and not North (Haro will have to wait). There are still many wineries in the way, so no worries.

Our destination, Santo Domingo de la Calzada is a really interesting village. Founded by Domingo García to assist in the way of the pilgrimage, it became quite an important stop full of great buildings and quite rich for the region. So, being funded for the Camino, it is one of these examples of the importance it had.

There is an interesting myth about a miracle in which Domingo saved a pilgrim from death sentence making a cooked chicken fly again… maybe this is why their famous sweet, the “ahoracadito” (“the little hung”, in the image) has a guy over the traditional Camino scallope. Who knows, but we will have to try it… it looks amazing.

Angela Piccini, Sefryn Penrose & Carlo

Philosopher John Grey claims that cats are happy because they do not narrativize their lives: they are without the weight of history. In “Walking the Fe/Line” (link above), Sefryn Penrose and Angela Piccini investigate how walking with Carlo-the-cat offers new perspectives and understandings of their neighbourhood in Plymouth, juxtaposing stories in place with the difference of Carlo’s attentions: his present-ness and close sensing. The all-present imprint of human life is underscored by the lightness of the cat’s presence. Carlo’s early mapping of the territory to which he had just moved and his enjoyment of walking with a “pack” forces a slower, differently scaled and more sensual experiencing of the commonplace, and one that leaves a less overt trace.

We, Angela, Sefryn, and Carlo, invite participants to join us on one of Carlo’s cat-walks through Plymouth’s Barbican district by walking the fe/line through your own location, experiencing cat-story alongside human-story. 

Join us live on Zoom at 10:30, performing the same cat choreography (live-translated by Angela) in your own neighbourhood, or from your own armchair.

Meeting ID: 994 8550 1734
Passcode: 732866

While you can join our live broadcast from the comfort of your home (and follow us on a map) or while you’re out and about, we also invite you to replicate Carlo’s movements using our downloadable mapcat key, and directions from an earlier walk, at the same time, or at your leisure. We invite you to engage with us via social media on your own cat-timed walk through your own place, in your own time. Other non-humans are invited. If you can’t join us live, we’ll be uploading the walk after we’ve done it. Use #Walk4CHAT and #CatCHAT on Instagram or Twitter. 

On 30th November (details tbc), join us for a post-walk, CHAT-cat-chat, covering moving with/like the other-than-human; temporality; and the intra-actions of cat-human-matter-space. What can observing the way that the other-than-human experiences place contribute to archaeological practice? How can attending to the movements of semi-domesticated animals (and by extension, other animals, birds, and other beings) open up new relations with space, movement and mapping? This is serious play and we will encourage pouncing, rolling, climbing trees, sniffing the air, tracking previous space-users, string chasing, dog-beetle-bird alertness, and food theft, as well as heedfulness of the inescapably human.

Download the map!

And watch the video of the event!

Join Carlo on his walk at around 10:30…

ZOOM access:
ID: 994 8550 1734
Passcode: 732866

1 thought on “November 7”

  1. Enjoyed walking with Carlo and friends.
    So preoccupied with feline movement earlier on that I missed out on some historical context.
    I’ll watch again…

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