November 2021

November 30

THE END OF THE CAMINO… AND PILGRIM CHAT We are in Santiago de Compostela! Finally! It has been a long way, the Camino and our… Read More »November 30

November 29

9:15 GMT //Moving Sant Iago Tracy Breathnach Every week, Tracy performs in Sant Iago. You can see her videos on her YouTube channel. We will… Read More »November 29

November 28

14:00 GMT // Archaeological Heritages and Mobilities Tiago Silva Alves Muniz, Monika Stobiecka & Smriti Haricharan Bodies move, things are in flux, paradigms change. Moving… Read More »November 28

November 27

9:00 GMT // Blurred futures: Materiality, poverty, and instability Leila Papoli-Yazdi, Mahsa Sabaghi, Omran Garazhian & Fahimeh Tajnia Short-term contracts, rising rental prices, fragile environmental… Read More »November 27

November 26

17:00 GMT // Welcome to the INCAScot Network: developing a dynamic research framework for Contemporary Archaeology in Scotland INCAScot – Alex Hale, Antonia Thomas, Kenny… Read More »November 26

November 25

9:00 GMT // General session 2 9:00 GMT – Summer comes and summer goes: Anchoring movement through contemporary rock painting in an Australian seaside community… Read More »November 25

November 24

12:00 GMT // Does the road go on? Oscar Aldred Imagine 200 years into the future: combustion engine vehicles are a relic of the past,… Read More »November 24

November 23

16:00 GMT // Archaeological Perspectives on the Recreational Use of the Continental Divide National Scenic Trail in New Mexico, USA Troy Lovata This project presents—though… Read More »November 23

November 22

9:15 GMT //Moving Sant Iago Tracy Breathnach Every week, Tracy performs in Sant Iago. You can see her videos on her YouTube channel. We will have… Read More »November 22

November 21

10:00 GMT // #PilgrimDrift: A Distance Drift for Pilgrim CHAT Sonia Overall Distance Drifts are remote, synchronised walks hosted weekly by Sonia since the start… Read More »November 21